With the goal of developing people to lead health system transformation, the CCL Program targets leaders across health and health education. Participants have the commitment and opportunity to create and implement a change initiative within their organization. In the program these individuals will self-reflect upon their own leadership and their organization. This reflection will be framed within appreciative inquiry, social accountability and community engagement.

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Participating professionals are organized into teams consisting of a minimum of two members from each organization, system or community that represent different professions. Structured to be context specific, the curriculum is adapted to the individuals, teams, organizations and communities participating. Participants will work on a capstone initiative during and between intensives in which they will develop, design, implement and evaluate a change initiative that is identified as a priority within their organization, system or community and engages the organization, system or community. Participants from the same organization should either be working on the same initiative or be prepared to integrate, align or link different initiatives as part of working systemically.

The candidates meet the following prerequisites:

• Leaders across health and health education.
• Support of your organization to participate in the program
• A capstone initiative that is identified as a priority within your organization, system or community, and that will provide the opportunity to apply and develop skills learned in the Program.
• Teams of two or more required.