The CCL Program targets senior and high potential leaders across health care and education, who register in teams. The program requires a minimum of two team members from each organization and/or community that represent different professions.


The candidate must meet the following prerequisites: shutterstock_122038843 copy
  • Five or more years of experience in a leadership role
  • Support of their organization to participate in the program
  • An identified Capstone Initiative that is identified as a priority within their organization, system or community and engages the organization, system or community

Application Process

Step 1: Program Application Submission Form

Candidates will be asked to submit an application package with the following:

  • Names, email contacts and roles of colleagues from his/her organization and community expecting to attend the program (a minimum of 2 participants per organization required).
  • A current curriculum vitae (experience & education) for each applicant.
  • Individual candidate’s motivation letter: a brief description of his/her leadership journey to date and how the advanced CCL Program will help to enhance his/her leadership development.
  • A team one-page outline that describes the: underlying rationale and scope for change in the proposed capstone initiative, the target population and/or community; and the organizational sponsor and partners that are willing to support this initiative.
  • A team letter of support from an organizational and/or community sponsor indicating support for the capstone initiative and the time needed to participate in and complete the program.

Application Deadline!  October 1, 2018

Step 2: Acceptance

• Applicants will be notified of acceptance by: October 10, 2018

Written notification of acceptance will be issued along with registration information.

Registration Fee: $5,000 CAD per participant + 13% HST. Fee includes: continental breakfasts, refreshment breaks, and lunches.

If you require any additional information, please reach us via the Contact Us form.