Program Structure

Structured to be context specific, the curriculum is adapted to the individuals, teams, organizations and communities participating. Participants work on a Capstone Initiative during and between sessions, which they develop, design, implement and evaluate in their community or organization. Participants from the same organization should either be working on the same initiative or be prepared to integrate, align or link different initiatives as part of working systemically.

Your 9-month journey includes:

  • A program designed, delivered and facilitated for transformative learning
  • Expert faculty and guest speakers
  • Five face-to-face sessions (two days ea.)
  • Innovative instructional approaches, including experiential learning, reflection, theory bursts, small and large group activities, peer learning
  • Coaching from faculty
  • Readings pre-program and between sessions
  • Application of learning to a capstone initiative
  • Pre-session check-in reflections and evaluations
  • Online community of practice