Program Outcomes

By the end of the program, we expect that participants will:

  • Model and exemplify collaborative change leadership in all facets of their professional work.Basic RGB
  • Advocate for socially accountable solutions.
  • Explore different theoretical change approaches, and be able to apply change theory in their own contexts.
  • Use appreciative inquiry principles to  to engage the system in co-creating meaningful and sustainable change that builds on strengths and contributes to the achievement of system goals.
  • Design and implement an emergent change strategy by stewarding an organization, system, community, or
    inter-sectorial capstone initiative.
  • Integrate and align complementary initiatives within their system.
  • Foster senior leadership and collaborative community engagement within and across systems and sectors.
  • Lead meaning-making processes to generate sustainable change.
  • Design and implement an evaluation strategy informed by developmental evaluation.
  • Reflect on, assess movement and adapt direction throughout change implementation.
  • Translate knowledge to improve health and health systems.